How to find a page number for NSW hansard

AGCL4 citation requires a page number for Parliamentary debates (hansard), which includes second reading speeches.

To find the page number for a second reading speech in NSW hansard, you need to find the full PDF of the hansard for the relevant date.

For example, the second reading speech for the Civil Liability Amendment Bill 2006 (NSW) in the Legislative Assembly was made on 10 May 2006.

  • Tip: The dates of the speeches are on the Bill homepage

  1. On the NSW Parliament website, click Hansard & House Papers (top of screen) > All by date
  2. Click 2006 > Find May > click Wed 10
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Full day Hansard transcript (PDF) to download the Hansard for the full day
  4. Do a CTRL+F find search in the document for the Bill title > Civil Liability Amendment Bill
  5. Underneath the Bill name you will see the heading Second reading followed by the member's speech
  6. The page number is at the top-right of the page; it is 23015.

If the Bill is from 2015 onwards, there is an easier way:

  1. On the NSW Parliament website, click Hansard & House Papers (top of screen) > Hansard by Bill
  2. Browse to the Bill using the alphabetic list
  3. Click the links for the initial second reading speech (i.e. the speech first made by the minister when introducing the Bill)
  4. This will display the second reading speech on the screen. Click the 'PDF' option at the top-left to download the full hansard, then find the speech in the document.

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